It is managed by the founder members who would be the ultimate authority to take decisions with regard to the quality, finance etc. Rules and regulations would be designed and updated by the TSF from time to time.

Associations would be formed to manage the affairs of town ship such as roads, clubs, guest houses / rooms, cleaning and upkeep of the infrastructure ( roads, drainages, security, public amenities etc).

It would be within the authority and sole desire of the founder members to accept / increase the number of Founder members.The membership fee required to become a founder member will be at the discretion of the three / five founder members.

  • ⇾ TSF would also manage and permit the use of public spaces within the township ( Talpuri A). It would regulate the allotment of rooms in the club building, sports grounds, public parks, entry gates, sewer treatment plants, drainages etc.Water conservation and distribution in the township.

  • ⇾ Founder members will have sole authority to alter / manage all the systems to manage infrastructure etc.

  • ⇾ TSF would create systems to hold elections etc in the Township in a very open and transparent manner.TSF would be at liberty to include as many public bodies as required for the efficient management of the whole infrastructure.
  • ⇾ TSF would open a bank account (s) to manage it's affairs and be responsible for the finances of the organization by accepting donations/fee etc from all or specific members.
  • ⇾ TSF would create systems to manage each social activity in a manner that is made available to each resident.

— Directors

Shishir Tamotia

Anil C Nath

Rajesh Kashyap

Ajay Verma

Candresh Rathod

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