About Us

The Setting

A community of 609 houses situated in a green area surrounded by trees from all sides. It is situated between Ruabandha in the east and director’s bungalows in the west. The township is connected to the southern road connecting Durg to the Bhilai steel plant.



Neatly designed dwelling units in different shades and outline constitute a good variety of buildings supported by good public services. Care has been taken to leave enough open spaces for breathing and environment.


The Neighbourhood

Though majority of house owners come from the Bhilai steel plant’s present and retired employees colony is represented by people from all parts of the country. Few of the houses are owned by Indians living abroad such as US, Canada and Australia.


Gallery At Glance

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Site Purpose

Why this site exists?

Welcome to the official site of Talpuri International Colony. This site will help the residents access various facilities at the clicks of few button.

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What are features available in the site?

Currently we are in development phase. You can still create an account and wait for the approval from us. In a brief amount of time, you will be able to lodge complaints, get notified about the events and musch more.

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