Talpuri Social Foundation

A not-for-profit company setup under section 8 of the Indian companies act to manage the affairs of the township at Talpuri, Bhilai, Chattishgarh.

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The objects:-

The company will strive to be the best in the facility management in the country.

  • ⇾ To raise debt / equity for the purpose of maintenance and upkeep of the township.
  • ⇾To undertake maintenance, repair and replacement of common areas and facilities by contributions from the apartment/ house owners and if necessary, by raising loans for that purpose.
  • ⇾To retain and rent out on license suitable portions of the common areas to outsiders for commercial purposes.

  • ⇾To manage the affairs of the clubs, other social organizations in the townships.
  • ⇾To raise capital from other sources and obtain permission of the concerned authority for all such purposes and to accumulate the same for making a reserve fund to be used for major repairs of the building.
  • ⇾To amend or set up new rules / bye-laws with the consent / permission of authorities concerned.
  • ⇾To act as an independent entity to manage the social, cultural and legal affairs of the township.
  • ⇾To establish and carry on, on its own accord or jointly with individuals or institutions, educational, physical, social and recreative activities for the benefit of the apartment / house owners or other purposes in the society.
  • ⇾To frame rules to run club (s), guest houses etc.In the township and manage all connected affairs.
  • ⇾Consulting the Competent Authority and to establish a provident fund and gratuity fund, if necessary, for the benefit of the employees of the business.
  • ⇾To setup joint venture (s) in accordance with the law of the land with other companies, government organizations such as CGHB / CH Government or any other similar organizations.
  • ⇾To frame rules to run club (s), guest houses etc.In the township and manage all connected affairs.
  • ⇾To set up collaborative agreements with the organizations India particularly with a view to set community bio gas plants, solar panels etc.
  • ⇾To do all things necessary or otherwise provide for the society’s welfare expedient for the attainment of the objects specified in these bye-laws.
  • ⇾To invest or deposit money.
  • ⇾To own house, guest houses, manage property and look after their operations including collection of rent, paying the employees, making reservations and provide services such food, outside catering, event management (such as Ganesh Pooja, Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Id etc.)
  • ⇾To allow privileged memberships to those who contribute larger sums, Central or State government officials.
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— Directors

Shishir Tamotia

Anil C Nath

Rajesh Kashyap

Ajay Verma

Candresh Rathod

Call Us

(+91) 9754297300


Talpuri Bhilai, Chhattishgarh.